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Argus Property Management is a full-service property management company, handling condominium complexes, homeowners associations, and commercial properties throughout Sarasota and Manatee Counties for over 27 years.

Argus Property management is based on the core beliefs of integrity, honesty and hard work. We offer our clients a level of service, response time and open communication seldom encountered in today's business world. Our clients can count on consistent communication, accurate financials and an unparalleled level of service. Our licensed professional managers, accountants and support staff, will provide what you have been looking for in a management company. Please take a few moments to explore the content on our website and contact us with any questions you might have.

Community ,n. the people living in one locality

Association ,n. A group of people having a common interest

A community association handles the business of common interest to all the homeowners. Every community association is part community, with distinctive characteristics, striving to maintain the quality of life; part business, managing funds and facilities for homeowners; and part government, providing representative decision-making as well as enforcing the rules and regulations of the association.

In just 25 years, the number of community associations in the United States has grown from 10,000 to over 289,000, representing over 60 million people

Homeowners make substantial emotional and financial investments in their homes and communities. Homeowners are concerned and have high expectations regarding the maintenance of common areas and facilities enhancing the value of their homes and communities, and many other issues related to the quality of community life.

The Directors and Officers of most associations volunteer their time and energy without compensation for the benefit of the entire community. Often this can be a time consuming and thankless job. It is the responsibility of the professional Community Association Manager to support the Directors and Officers of the association and to minimize the disruption of their lives caused by their service to the community. The Community Association Manager also acts a buffer between residents in the enforcement of the Covenants, Restrictions and By-laws of the Association.

To meet the expectations, demands and responsibilities of the homeowners and community associations, an effective Community Association Manager must possess a wide range of knowledge in a variety of areas including finance, laws and regulations, maintenance, insurance and personnel management. Argus CAM managers are professional educated and diligent in their efforts to stay abreast of industry standards and the ever-changing laws as set forth in the Florida Statutes 718, 719, and 720.

The outline below highlights some of the unique aspects of the management services we can provide, followed by an expansion detailing each item. Pages 4, 5, & 6 expands on specific management activities available in greater detail.

Argus Property Management, Inc. utilizes the latest in computerized accounting hardware and software. All accounting functions - Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, and the Work Order System are fully integrated with the General Ledger.

The Accounts Receivable System produces late notices, delinquency listing and past due letters to unit owners.

All accounting functions are handled by our professional ten person accounting team, led by our on staff CPA.

Argus Property Management, Inc. will manage any on-site staff and provide payroll services through an outside Payroll Company. Should it become necessary Argus will locate, interview, hire and train additional or replacement on-site staff at the direction of the Board. The Association will be the work-site employer of all on-site employees.

Prototypes of Annual Meeting materials, affidavits required by law and check-off forms for assuring proper mailing have been developed. Several methods of securing the designated voter for each unit as required by the Association's Documents are available. Regular contact with title companies provides swift, economical access to information for securing titles of record. Standard letters for the collection of delinquent maintenance payments are used successfully. Clerical assistance is available. All correspondence is confidential.

COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION MANAGER Argus provides the services of a Licensed Community Association Manager. Our Association Managers, on average, have between six and ten properties in their portfolios.

Your Community Association Manager will attend Board of Directors Meetings and Annual Meetings. There is no additional charge for meetings that begin after 6:00 P.M., meetings that last more than two hours or those held out of necessity on weekends.

A comprehensive management report can be made available for distribution to the Board of Directors prior to the Board Meeting. This report would contain a detailed Agenda, meeting the requirements of the new Florida Statutes. Also included would be the minutes of the last meeting, financial statements, manager's report on work done and solutions to pending problems, committee reports, insurance information and correspondence. This report would provide Board members with the necessary information in advance to enable them to make informed decisions, thus reducing potential liability, improving the quality of the decisions, and increasing individual personal satisfaction. The use of these reports has resulted in more productive Board Meetings.

Infraction of Rules can be referred to the Community Association Manager. Any unresolved infraction will be referred to the Board of Directors to determine further action.

Phone calls from the members regarding problems or concerns may be relayed to the office of Argus Property Management, Inc., at 941.927.6464 twenty-four hours a day.

Your Community Association Manager is available to any member of the Association to discuss matters pertaining to community living. We are able to deal with each situation in a non-judgmental and unbiased manner because we are not members of the Association.


The Community Association Manager will see to it that the property is maintained consistent with the standards established by the Board and the Budget. Maintenance schedules will be reviewed or developed and then implemented.

All Associations receive a free Web Page on Argus' web site.

Our monthly fee of will include all office expenses generated from our office, including copies, postage etc. except mass mailings to your community. Salaries for on-site employees will be a reimbursed expense, administered by Oasis Outsourcing.


Our function is administrative in nature. The Board is the principal body for the establishment of policies, standards, procedures, programs and the budget. The Board may delegate its authority to implement its decisions, but it cannot delegate its responsibility to see that they are implemented properly. Our function is to carry out the Board's decisions and administer the programs, services and activities of the Association within the established policies and guidelines.

Our services can save thousands of dollars, improve property values, and create greater harmony within the community and among the Board of Directors.

We look forward to discussing this material with you in greater length after you have reviewed its content. Please do not hesitate to contact our office should you have any questions.

Schedule of Services


Assessment Collection
Includes preparing and mailing of coupon books and the subsequent updating of the owner's accounts.

Delinquency Follow-up
Includes sending of past due statements. If an account becomes 60 days past due the account is turned over to the Association's attorney for a lien to be filed. Thereafter Argus works with the Association's attorney towards the successful collection of past due balances.

Bill Approval
Includes checking invoices against the Board approved contract amount for utilities, also reviewing the amounts charged against the budget, for all invoices it involves verifying that the work or service was performed in a satisfactory manner and coding invoices by account number.

Bill Payment
Includes preparing laser cut checks, obtaining signatures, mailing checks and then filing a copy of the check along with the invoices.

Payroll Accounting for On-Site Personnel (if applicable)
Includes preparing the payroll, preparing and filing all payroll tax reports, making all payroll tax deposits for all on-site personnel, and tracking of vacation time and sick leave. This service may be handled through a staff leasing concern under contract with Argus and includes the availability of lower cost health insurance.

Financial Report Preparation
Includes monthly statements prepared on a modified accrual basis. Also included are the required schedules of A/R, reserves, special assessments and comparison to budget monthly and year-to-date and a list of checks written for the month. Additional reports may be requested by the Board of Directors

Tax Return Preparation
We provide the information and work with an independent outside source for preparation of your Federal and State Tax returns their fee is not included in our service.

Year-End Financial Report
Year-end statements are prepared on a full accrual basis to assure the statements meet the requirement of the State of Florida for Associations.

Budget Preparation
Includes the preparation of a draft of the Association's proposed budget for review by the Budget Committee and/or the Board. The estimates used are based on an evaluation of the needs of the Community and research into any anticipated rate adjustments.


Board of Directors Meeting Attendance
Your Community Association Manager will attend Board Meetings to discuss with the Board any of the work that Argus has undertaken since the last meeting and to assist the Board in compliance with its Documents and the Florida Statutes. Argus does not impose extra charges for meetings that start late or last over two hours.

Special Meeting and/or Committee Mtg. Attendance
Your Community Association Manager will, when time permits, attend Special Board Meetings or Committee Meetings to discuss any of the work that Argus has undertaken since the last meeting and to assist the Association in compliance with its Documents and the Florida Statutes.

Annual Meeting Attendance
Our Community Association Manager will attend the Annual Meeting to answer questions of those in attendance regarding any of the work that Argus has undertaken since the last Annual Meeting and to assist in conducting or conduct the meeting in compliance with its Documents and the Florida Statutes.

Minute Transcription
Argus will, if requested take the minutes of Board Meeting.

Minute processing
Includes transcribing the minutes, putting them in the proper format, and sending to the Board secretary for any corrections, and uploading to the website once approved.

Annual Election and Meeting Notice Preparation
Preparation of Election and Meeting Notice mailings to comply with Florida Statutes.

Annual Meeting Coordination
Your Community Association Manager is available to coordinate the registration process, chair the meeting if requested, and the count any Ballots. Additional Argus personnel are available as needed at no additional cost to assist with the Annual Membership Meeting.

Member Roster Maintenance
Includes maintaining the owners of record names, addresses, phone numbers when provided, and the designated voter if required.

Records & Files Maintenance
The State of Florida requires the Association maintain an extensive list of records that must be available for inspection by any unit owner. Our services include keeping your records in compliance with the Law and handling requests to inspect your records. Archived Storage is available with our professional archival service at a cost of $1.50 per box per month.

Resales: Preparation & Processing of Transfer Information
The Association is required by Law to provide to a unit owner or unit mortgagee, a certificate giving the status of the unit owner's account within 15 days.

Special Mailings
Includes typing, mailing or preparing for distribution, any special communications from the Board or its officers to the members or other third parties.

Special Photocopying
Photocopying of Association's records is available when requested by the Board, owners or when required by Florida Law.

Specification/Bid Preparation and Coordination
Florida Law requires that there be a written contract between the Association and the vendor anytime a product or service is provided to the Association. When the aggregate amount of the contract is more than 5% of the Association's total annual budget including the reserves, the Association must obtain competitive bids. Your CAM will obtain these bids.

Contract Awarding
Includes comparing bids and making a recommendation to the Board of Directors.

Yearly Management Plan
Includes a schedule of the events affecting the Association over the period of a year.

Legal (Attorney) Liaison
Argus will not give legal opinions, however as a result of our experience with Condominium and Homeowner Law, we may be able to save the Association significant dollars in legal expenses by using Argus as a Liaison to the Association's Attorney.

After-Hour Answering & Emergency Assistance Service
Office hours are 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. If an emergency happens after hours our phones are answered by our answering service and the message is immediately forwarded to your association manager.

Rules and Regulations Enforcement
Argus has invested in the development of a very sophisticated software program, tied to smart phones that produces, and tracks violations and violation letters from the first notice thru the fining procedure. These letters include a date and time stamped picture that succeed in gaining compliance, where traditional notices fail. This reduces or eliminates the need for neighbors (Board Members) to confront neighbors about the rules.

General Correspondence
Includes the drafting, word processing and filing of letters regarding Association business.

Hiring/Firing/Managing of On-Site Personnel
Includes locating, interviewing, recommending to the Board, hiring, managing and, when necessary, firing on-site personnel.

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